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Satin Nickel vs Brushed Stainless

Satin Nickel vs Stainless Steel

Stainless Finial Options : Endcap, Disc, Ball

Stainless Finial Options

Stainless Steel Curtain Rings

Stainless Steel rings (available since Nov 2018) in IDs of 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", and 2 1/2".
Round Rings - $4.95 ea.
C-rings (Bypass) - $7.95 ea.
Stainless Curtain Ring

French Return Rods

French Return Rod Types

French Return Curtain Rod Options

Whether you call them French Return Curtain Rods, Wrap-Around Rods, or Self Return Rods, Highland Forge specializes in rods with returns and offers several styles:

Mitered Returns are available in all rods of size 3/4" and larger, and with any projection.

Curved Returns are available in Round Steel rods of 3/4" - 1 1/2" diameter with projections of 3" to 4 1/2" and lengths of 30"+.

Spliced Curved Returns The same look as Curved Returns but at a lower price, available for large quantity/commercial jobs. The return elbow is spliced to the rod as a separate piece which makes it cheaper and easier to cut down lengths in the field. The joint seam is clean and crisp (hardly noticeable) and is normally completely hidden by rings/fabric! Please contact us for a custom quote.

What makes French Return Curtain Rods from Highland Forge special?

Flawless bends: We use a high-tech bender to produce perfect bends with zero deformity. This also produces an extremely tight radius allowing greater range of projections AND the use of dedicated (separate) mounting brackets.

Separate mounting brackets: Our french return mounting brackets ("Post" brackets) are always separate from the rod, which makes installation and maintenance quick, easy, and frustration-free. Our Post brackets are ultra high strength and able to support heavy weight even with large projections.

Fully custom: We can do french returns on Straight, Corner, and Bay rods. We can also do a return on just one end of the rod if needed - just let us know!

To order a French Return Curtain Rod: Choose your rod and Customize

Mitered French Return Rods

Shown in Satin Nickel, 1" diameter rod with 4" projection.

While we can do other backplate shapes upon request, we prefer the rectangular backplate shown below since it does not stick up above the rod or out to the side. This means it will be completely hidden by the drapes, maintaining the streamlined look that is desired of return rods. In addition to being hidden, it is stronger than other designs due to its vertical height.

French Return Curtain Rods | Mitered

Curved French Return Rods

Shown in Antique Brass and Iron Black, 3/4" diameter rods with 3" projection:

French Return Curtain Rods | Curved

1" rod in Antique Brass with Curved French Returns

French Return Curtain Rods | Curved

Shared Returns

When it comes to Double Rods with Returns, we have two options: Shared Returns and Nested Returns. There are are pros and cons to each. Please contact us to discuss your project and we can advise on the best option.

Shared Returns

Bracket Support Arm / Brace

Bracket Support Arm

All of our hardware is extremely high strength. However, there is a point with the Standard brackets (Single/Double) where an added support arm is recommended to prevent deflection (sag) in the bracket.

General Guidelines:
- A 3" projection can handle about 30 lbs
- A 5" projection can handle about 12 lbs
- A 7" projection can handle about 6 lbs

If you stay within these limits then you will have minimal or no deflection. If your installation requires greater strength then we can either add a Support Arm or you can chose from other wall mount brackets such as the M1 or Loop.

Socket Details and Assembly

Socket Bracket Assembly Round Socket Square Socket

Socket Details:

- The outside dimension of the Socket sleeve is always 1/4" larger than the rod size.
- The backplate (inner piece with screw hole) is 3/8" thick.
- Deduct 7/8" from the wall-to-wall measurement for your rod if using a socket on both ends. This allows room for the 3/8" backplates plus 1/8" of wiggle room.
- You can easily use our Socket brackets on both ends of the rod because the outer sleeve is removable from the backplate. (No need for open "U" cups.)

Installing Sockets:
  1. With the provided hex key (3/32" Allen key), loosen both set screws in the sleeve (but not so much they fall out) and remove the inner backplate.
  2. Mount the backplates right where you want the ends of the rod.
  3. Slide the sleeve over the end of the rod.
  4. Hold the end of the rod (with sleeve) up to the backplate and slide the sleeve over the backplate.
  5. Position the set screws facing up (on top, facing ceiling) then tighten the set screw to secure the sleeve to the backplate.
  6. Repeat with the other end of the rod.
  7. Adjust / rotate the rod as desired, then tighten the remaining set screws to fully secure the rod.

Ceiling Bypass Bracket

Ceiling Bypass Bracket

Double Bypass Bracket

If you need bypass functionality on a wall-mounted double rod, then this is how it's done:
Double Bypass Bracket Heavy Duty Double Bypass Bracket

2" Square Collar

Although not shown on the Finials page yet, we have Square Collar finials to fit all rod sizes from 3/4" up to 2".
2 Inch Square Collar Finial

Post Tiebacks

Tiebacks are made with a removable ornament whenever possible, for easier installation.
Shown below are Post tiebacks with Ball (Bare Steel) and Disc (Brushed Stainless) ornaments.

Post Tieback with Ball Post Tieback with Disc

Flat Hook and Round Hook Tiebacks

Tiebacks are made with a removable ornament whenever possible, for easier installation.
Shown below are Flat Hook Tieback with Disc (Dark Bronze) and Stainless Round Hook Tieback with Ball (Brushed Stainless).

Flat Hook Tieback with Disc Stainless Round Hook Tieback with Ball

Corner Curtain Rod

Custom Corner Curtain Rod

5-Sided Bay Window Curtain Rod

We specialize in bay window curtain rods, custom made to fit your exact angles and wall lengths perfectly.
Corner connectors are completely internal and hidden resulting in a clean, streamlined look.
3-sided bay window curtain rods can be ordered online. Please contact us for measuring tips for 4- and 5-sided bay rods.

5-Sided Bay Window Curtain Rod

Bow Curtain Rods

Custom Bow Curtain Rods

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