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Quality Material and Craftsmanship

Hand-forged and machined by our team of skilled metalsmiths, all of our brass, steel, and stainless steel window treatment hardware products are fabricated using the best possible materials and methods. Our curtain rods are made of rigid, heavy-gauge tubing, and our drapery hardware accessories are all forged of high strength material that you'll notice right away. While off-the-shelf brands bend and sag under the weight of heavier textiles, or simply don't meet your needs, our hardware is designed to stand up to any application - and to last a lifetime.

Fully Custom Parts

No flimsy adjustable parts here - each product you order from Highland Forge is made to fit your exact specifications. This means the angles, lengths, projections and sizes called for by your design. And because nearly all of our products can be made to work with one another, the possibilities are endless.

Fast Turn-Around Time

When it comes to fabricating custom hardware, we've got it figured out. This allows us to not only provide the highest quality hardware anywhere, but to also get it done in time to meet your schedule. To find delivery times to your area, please click here:

Delivery Times

Extensive Selection

We take pride in our large selection, and have compiled a wide array of product designs to meet a variety of styles. Be sure to use the checkboxes on each category page to search for additional items.


  You saved me!!!! I looked everywhere for a custom made drapery rod of quality that will NOT bow. Even locally, I only found one source who wanted $50.00 more, not including shipping. Thank you, thank you!
--Julie Page
  WOW...I am thrilled to finally find a beautiful handcrafted iron rod company that "gets it".
--Dawn Gray

  I am very impressed with the service of your sales team. You answered every question that I asked professionally and promptly! Thanks again for your help with my first order with Highland Forge.
--Pam Dreissigacker
  Thanks so very much for making sure I'll have what I need. I tried to double-check everything, and I was so afraid I would overlook something! Just didn't know what it would be. Your proactive approach is so rare in customer service today. I am pleasantly surprised! Thanks, again!
--Audrey Craft

  Great site, great personal service.
--Dan Filippi
  Great that I found your firm on the computer. I was devestated when I couldn't get the proper brackets to fit over the vertical blinds on my sliding glass patio door. The blinds are inside with protusion. Problem solved.
--Margaret Elliot

  Our previous ordering experience was wonderful -- we were even contacted about modifying the order to make it more cost effective! How often does that happen? Keep up the wonderful customer service.
--Jackie Vinger
  Your website is very easy to use and customer friendly. I liked the step by step approach and the hints and checks to make sure everything will work well together. Great ordering experience.
--Cheryl Terry

  I love the ability to custumize my order with your products. The phone salesperson was also VERY helpful in how I decided to place the order.
--Kirk Packo
  Excellent product and fast delivery, thank you!
--Ruth Cantu

  Great website, very easy to use. Great to find a manufacturer who can make extra long rods. Thanks.
--Jennifer Eio
  You all have made everything so easy! I recieved a call back promptly with help that answered all my questions.We have a 1924 home that comes with nothing standard so we always have to look for custom items. It usually is a pain but, so far this has made things easy. Thanks! I look forward to working with you.
--Tamara Hendon

  Window hardware has always baffled me. I live in a 1929 Dutch Colonial where nothing is standard. Everything seems to end up custom, no matter how hard I try. I love that your process is so self-explanatory and I could measure and order on my own. I will always use your site, and I have alot more windows to go!
--Tracy Miller
  Thank goodness I found your website! No where could I find an extended bracket to fit my one inch rods. And the projection is not adjustable, it's made to my exact specs and will look like the original.
--Carol Pfieffer

  Easy to use site. Unique products. Glad I found you for the customized brackets.
--Jennifer Redwitz
  The email repsonse I received was great! It is fantastic that I can order samples. Great service.
--Anita Paryani

  I provided commentary on another screen, but just to make sure you know how WONDERFUL you all are, I'll say it again! I am very happy with my hardware, the service, customer care, just everything. My designer Pam was very impressed with your product, service, price, she does not know of any other company who can beat your total package. So, thanks again and if I ever need more hardware, I know exactly where to go first! Best Regards.
--MJ Allen
  Thank you soo much for offering this product and allowing special modifications. I think you are wonderful - and the price is perfect!
--Chad Pittinger

  Just wanted to let you know your sales staff was extremly helpful..I called with a few questions..(twice). They were very courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks much!
--Donna Bennett
  I loved your site for several reasons: a. It is easy to navigate, b. The selection of products is great, particularly the sizes of rod ends or finials, and c. Your prices are below the other makers or manufacturers of custom size rods.
--Dawn Witmer

  Great site, easy to use. Terrific options and styles to choose from.
--Scott Gabriel
  I am so thrilled with my new rods! My contractor has just installed the 3 bow and 2 straight rods and he and I were both stunned at how absolutely beautiful they have made my windows look! I cannot thank you enough! This has be an extremely satisfactory experience and I highly recommend your work! Best wishes and warm regards.
--Karen Smith

  I feel lucky to have found your products -- exactly what I needed and thought I would not find. I searched and searched in stores to get a bracket with a small projection and thought such an item did not exist. Thank you for filling this need. I will definitely be letting people in the business know about your company.
--Juliana Flieger
  Thanks for this! It's going to work perfectly! Appreciate the fast turn around too.
--David Turner

  I have been looking everywhere for these brackets! I will definately bookmark this site! Recently I purchased 6 brackets for draperies. I found your company via the internet. I had wasted a lot of time running around trying to find these brackets and was surprised they didn't seem to exist...until I found Highland Forge. I received exactly what I wanted, the quality is excellent and the finish was just perfect. I received the order very quickly too. Thank you very much! You did a great job!
--Cynthia Toovi
  I just wanted to write in and let you know how pleased I am with the custom bay window rod that I ordered from Highland Forge. Although it took a bit of work to install it, it was well worth it for two reasons. First, the rod fit perfectly into the bay, looks wonderful, and operates flawlessly. The second factor was your superior customer service. Not only does your company offer custom bay rods for the best price I could find, every time I called in with a question or request, your sales person responded quickly, effectively, and flexibly -- it made me feel like I was Highland Forge's most important customer. Thank you for the wonderful service and quality product.
--Carol Liou

  Today I received my order and found it to be absolutely perfect. My three little custom rod mounts are exactly what I needed. Thank you for doing such a fine job with them.
--Jackie Dick
  I just received the package!! I am loving the finishes and the weight of the iron. Thanks so much.
--Kelley Drake

  I received my order yesterday and it is PERFECTION! Thanks so much for your time and your products!!!!
--Lynn Whitaker

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